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Enriched-Platelet Therapy

Heals the Root Cause of Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Pain

By Activating Your Body’s Natural Healing Process

1. Chronic Plantar Fasciitis Often Becomes Semi-Permanent Plantar Fasciosis

Fasciitis is a temporary, inflammatory response to injury that starts the natural healing cascade.

Fasciosis is a semi-permanent, deteriorated state.

  • Scar tissues and micro-tears restrict blood supply, starving the area of repair proteins,
  • The fascia becomes weak, frayed, brittle, and fragile.

When this condition persists for 6 to 12 months, your body “gives up” on the injured tissues.

  • Healing resources are sent to the other areas that need repair.

This Chronic Injury State prevents your foot from healing naturally.

2. Doctor Injects Concentrated Platelets (PRP) Into Your Damaged Area

The high concentration of platelets;

  • Supplies more than 1,000 growth factors and healing proteins, per platelet,
  • Has almost zero risk of rejection, infection, or complications,
  • Usually heals the pain and damaged tissues with only one treatment.

3. This 1-Minute Procedure Activates Your Body’s Natural Healing Cascade

Chemical messengers in the platelets:

  • Immediately signal your stem cells and other natural healing agents to migrate to your injured foot,
  • Activate stem cells to begin healing (stem cells will not begin healing unless activated platelets are present),
  • Increase the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to your injured tissues,
  • Travel throughout your entire body to recruit healing factors to repair and heal the causes of pain.

4. Growth Factors Repair, Regenerate, and Strengthen Your Damaged Tissues

As healing progresses:

  • More repair agents, growth factors, macrophages, fibroblasts, and nutrients are recruited to rebuild your injured tissue,
  • New cells, tissues, blood vessels, and collagen matrixes are generated, micro-tears are repaired and your fascia becomes healthy, strong, and flexible.
  • Each step of the healing cascade activates the next phase of repair.

5. The Pain Fades Away and Healing Continues Until It Is Complete

Optimum recovery occurs between 2-3 months after the treatment:

  • Pain relief typically starts within 2 to 14 days,
  • You can quickly return to your normal, active lifestyle,
  • Over time, pain is dramatically reduced or eliminated and usually does not return,
  • The healing process continues until the injuries causing the pain are fully repaired,
  • Damaged tissues regain nearly all of their pre-injury strength and mobility.

Enriched-Platelet Therapy

Repairs Damaged Tissues that Cause Heel Pain

“The PRP patients had greater pain before their treatment. But they enjoyed much better, longest-lasting results than the cortisone patients.”  -Dr. Daniel Kassicieh

  • A large growing body of PRP research shows similar results to this study.
  • Ultrasound and MRI images show definitive tissue repair after Enriched-Platelet Therapy
  • This research confirms that actual tissue repair and healing are occurring.

Enriched-Platelet Therapy Doesn’t Mask the Pain; It Heals the Damaged Tissues that Cause the Pain
It is natural, simple, and effective with essentially no risks or side effects.