What Patients Are Saying

Another PRP Miracle!

Delores’s Foot pain, (Plantar Fasciitis) Healed after 30 years of searching for relief. Hear this amazing story.


Healed once again by Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Hear Lori’s great story on how Platelet Rich Plasma healed her once again.

Planter Fasciitis Healed Sarasota Fl

Harold’s foot pain was healed Naturally with no surgery in just a few months with Matrix Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. Here is his amazing story.

Shoulder and Knee Pain Healed with  –No Surgery-

Hear how PRP Therapy completely healed Gayland from both knee and shoulder pain naturally, with no surgery in just 4 months!

Shoulder Pain Healed Sarasota Fl

Listen to Lou’s testimony on how PRP Therapy completely healed his 80% torn rotator cuff.

Planter Fasciitis Healed Sarasota Fl

Hear this amazing story of how Lori was completely cured of her Plantar Fasciitis with just one treatment of PRP.

Knee Pain in Sarasota Fl

Here’s Carl from Sarasota, whose knee pain had driven him to consider surgery:

Before learning about Platelet Rich Plasma, Carl had been treated by other doctors with multiple cortisone shots and other treatments that ultimately didn’t get rid of his pain. His next option was  orthopedic knee replacement surgery. He did not want knee replacements. After hearing from a neighbor about Sarasota neurologist, Dr. Kassicieh, and PRP Sarasota therapy, he decided to come in and learn more.

In the video clip, Carl tells the story himself. But the real story is in the “happy dance” near the end of the clip. Remember… Carl could barely walk due to knee pain and had a terrible limp before PRP!

Listen to another incredible story of the natural healing power of PRP Therapy


Back Pain in Sarasota

Here is Sabrina talking about what she calls “Nothing Short Of A Miracle” after getting PRP Therapy

Avoid Surgery and Narcotics

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